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Capital Area Friends of the Environment is a grassroots activist organization.

We are local residents who are dedicated to creating a more

sustainable and just environment in the Lansing region.

Among our goals:

  • A just and rapid transition to renewable energy

  • Decreasing carbon emissions across the region

  • Facilitating a multi-modal transportation network
    lessening reliance on automobiles

  • Access to clean and affordable water

  • Ending sewer run-off into local rivers and streams

What We Do


Provide information to area
residents, businesses, and
officials about climate change
and the necessity of immediate action.



Engage in direct action

Partner with other
environmental and social
justice organizations


  • Support our work with a tax-deductible donation

  • Become a member and get active in the fight to protect the environment in the Capital Area to ensure a just transition to sustainable energy 

  • Like and follow us on social media!

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